R Time

Protest, India Against Corruption
Ram Leela Maidan 2011

Let’s shun inflation, corruption, munition, celebration, creation, elation, ration
Why? Beliefs and freedoms are a conspiracy of one
Utopia is what we aspire for
Negative or Positive, govern us with an iron hand
Freedom to choose, practice
Right to education, information
The cricket team has displaced 3-time defending champions
R Time has come
Monetary gains, graft, fodder, telecom, mining, urban development
Sensex going haywire, gold and silver spiralling away
Don’t wait, now is for the betterment
What leaves? Can’t be broken
R Time has come
Music, dance, theatre, creative pursuits
What we stand for? It is not as if on mute
A cruel twist of fate is for those who keep harping back
Get a life, replenish, rejuvenate, rejoice
R Time has come
Wish I could hide, to face is an issue
Life is not a race against time, forget about sports
Where are the politicians of yore
Somnath Chatterjee, this is ghor–Anyay, atyachar, ankush, antim durkhwast chhodiye
Mantrijee R Time has come
PS- Yours truly can blame anyone but himself but dharna outside Jantar Mantar was an eye opener culminating in the Ram Leela maidan for all to behold.

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