Brother's engagement

“If wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
If health is lost, something is lost;
But if character is lost then everything is lost”
Most of what was told to me during my upbringing fell on deaf years except for the aforementioned lines, circa present day, does it hold true given my unending fight with my own esteem? Think my shrink would be in a better position to answer it. Try as I might, just cant shy away from it so have to take it out….Difference of an year does bring brothers closer or by default you get to know each other eventually given the time spent together. Yes, there are the fights, the arguments, the concern, the dialogues, not to mention the complete contrast in characters, as different as chalk and cheese. Thought I knew him all along and then comes the thunderbolt, brother’s not just going out but I have a bhabhi in waiting. He has always been circumspect with his life and I never did picture him as a brooding romantic but an year and he is hooked, lined and tied down. Sure you expect a lot more, you want that he should make an informed choice and this when you hardly know anything about how it all panned out. You might have shared the most intricate tales given that you are the same blood even if the blood group might differ but there was a complete mixture of anger, astonishment, happiness to put it mildly  and guarded responses when he did put it across, there was also a fear of him getting hen picked or how Mom, Dad would take to the newest member in the household but eventually it is bro and sister in law who are in a best position to judge.
Words cant describe much when it comes to him though it was a pleasant surprise spending time with them without letting my pre conceived notions get the better of me. Off course I don’t want to hold them down with my lofty ideals or my belongings if there are any and I think it was best summarized by him when he said “there is no negativity.” Always thought that there were 2 R’s i.e Race and Religion in this world but now have to really search for something that would make it worthwhile which reminds me, can’t change my lineage so might as well update my resume… A-re you reading by the way?

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