Hair InTUiT

Sensitive, aggressive, pious, identity, beauty, wild, revolting just a few of the meanings that one can associate with hair or the lack of it. I want to pen it down but am not sure if I would be able to dissociate a bias or connotation with this topic. Different faiths associate it with different regards, a beard might signify the orthodox, a clean-shaven head may signify an offering to the deity whether solemn or happy and in my peculiar case never felt the loss till I lost it.
Hairstyle in itself can be a statement of purpose testing one’s confidence and shock value. Not to mention a generous dose of colour never hurt prospects of being noticed. Barber’s are there in every nook and corner and apply their ‘Desi’ touch but what if a hair cut burns a hole in the pocket then there is no choice but to play it safe with a trimmer. So many names spring to mind even without experimentation, mushroom, commando, afro, side parting, middle parting, did I hear a Takla? Raghu and Rajeev would vouch for the wind touching their scalps and providing the liberation. Wonder how much time is spent incorporating or harnessing the spikes. Have to admit that it does ‘stand out.’ Off course if you believe in flower power or have inculcated a rebellious streak there is no barrier with hairdos or lack of serotonin is associated with ‘posties.’ Add ons could be hats, caps worn which way you please, hoods and cloth to cover from the elements. Not to mention age taking a toll and remedies such as mehndi, chemicals not able to bring forth the years gone by. Wish there was a side-lock for hair no frills attached.
A skinny person has to have a light beard to cover for facial bones, a moustache has always been associated with masculinity, beard named after a country and how could you forget the goatee. Dense beards scare me, thank heavens for uniforms. Pin-up for the ladies, sorry it was about the Cock, not the Hen.

Hair importance and meaning
Strand of hair


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