India v Syria Nehru cup 09

In Eastman’s narrative(Xcuse the pun)

This was as soon as we ‘entered’ da notorious gate no. 8….courtesy off course ze jat who alongwith like minded individuals almost brought da gates down while dua and yours truly were mere spectators …Notice da tripod w/o da camera which was only installed in da second half when India was attacking at da near post….Also in da background can be seen da kotla which is usually reserved for cricket matches with a hefty entrance fee but was utilized for da not so lucky ones who could not challenge da authority of DILLI police…Sitting arrangements be damned …..

The ubiquitous giant screen in da background which for once was relaying da match but for the majority of time was busy putting up Salman Khan in da stands and adds for ONGC & Mangalore SEZ…wonder how much call back would da marketing gurus get from da crowd which comprised of ticket holders ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 50 not to mention da complimentary pass holders….

Cracker of a shoot out….wouldn’t have experienced such thrills even in a casino…here’s da first one being converted by India….

Do not get scared by da vast sea of humanity…They were just having a relay match…they came , they saw, they jumped….tagged at da shirts of da players and officials and vice versa lest they come in contact with da dreaded ‘luth’ of DILLI police on their posteriors…..

Couldn’t have scripted a better finale…..Until da next Nehru cup or as Bob & Bhutia put it “we are looking at da bigger picture of WC qualifiers 2011” Amen(If only Ii had known…Tsk Tsk)

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