Me & Mom

It all started on the “suhag raat” when we did it little knowing that a baby was around the corner. Should have realized since she is one of four siblings and it is in her genes but I always thought that to prevent pregnancy, one needs to have sex away from the period with an interval of at least 5 days before and after. Anyways she was in Vardha and sent me a message on Whatsapp that her pregnancy kit turned up positive and the doctor concurs… Damn you HCG!
My wife, my world
My wife, My world
She was a Project Manager in NIMR and her stint as a contractual employee was coinciding with the culmination of nine months which brings me to Dad(her father in law) who tells me,” Son, you married on 31st July so Maths or Logic tells us that you can expect the baby after April. Ok. Complications started because her attention span decreased, irritability quotient increased and she grew to a size double that of a conventional pregnancy with Doctors not aware of the case asking.” Are you expecting twins?”
Having sex without a condom is easier than expecting and then caring for a baby. People reading this, India has 70% of the population or 800 million below the age of 35 years, don’t increase the head count, use contraceptives or plan. The keyword is PLAN. Conducting USGs, going to different gynecologists, radiologists, having a C-section, leaving your professional commitments aside, having sleepless nights, preparing for a congregation, naming the baby, distributing sweets, giving to the eunuchs, buying nappies, diapers, clothes, cradle, being under house arrest for six months is a mountain to climb.
Shraddha keeps telling me that she wanted a life without her in laws or a baby. She enjoyed her freedoms and her profession. She is a lady transformed. As a father, you can well imagine my contributions writing blogs in the middle of the night preparing for Monday morning blues.
Sorry Shraddha, Salute Moms!!
My wife, my world


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