Guruji or something like it

Blessings always Guruji

Disclaimer- People with a religious bent of mind, orthodox views etc. Please turn away for fear of being rubbed the wrong way. I am entitled to my opinion and mean no disrespect to anyone including my own faith. These are tangents that needed an outlet that’s it!

Ever noticed the back wind shields of Delhi cars and chances are that more often than not, you might have noticed the bold letters GURUJI or “Blessings Always Guruji”. Followers would be well aware of the one with an OD of extra sensory perception or miraculous powers or whatever caught their fancy in the first place but the Godman, may he rest in peace, has a following that transcends boundaries with followers ranging from bureaucrats, farmers, IT executives, housewives, you know where I’m headed. So let’s decode the urban legend by starting with my own faith.

Even though I have cut my hair, I am a Sikh at heart and the fundamentals for me have always been the direction provided since the religion’s inception in the form of the teachings of the Gurus culminating in the Adi Granth, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Our Gurus were philosophers, poets, statesman, revolutionaries, warriors who have been transposed  in today’s age by the Corporate Czars such as Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan who have annual turnovers running into thousands of Crores, mind you as individuals, not cumulative. We’ve been swamped with the marketing of Patanjali on TV and radio, rejuvenation through Ayurveda with even the Government of the land taking note by promoting the alternate lifestyle of Yoga. The Art of Living Foundation( no affiliations whatsoever ) recently had a world mela on the banks of the Yamuna to promote harmony and world peace(Really?!) capturing the non Hindi speaking belt giving stiff competition in the Ayurveda products segment. Baba Ram Rahim(BRR) is so busy portraying multiple characters in home grown productions that once the BJP came to power at the centre I actually saw him organizing a “Dog & the Bone” competition which was telecast live on DD Sports. Off course the bigger picture is that the BJP’s campaign in Haryana had the blessings of the BRR  who has a sizable clout among the lower castes in and around the plains up north. Guruji in comparison was and is small scale.

I actually met him in Sirhind, a town in Punjab, where there was a congregation in a lawyer’s house. My first impression was to tell mom,”What a wannabe”. He just sat there cross-legged in the midst of around 50 people with not a strand of hair on his head or face just noticing the crowd, forget interaction. According to mom, he had predicted while he was alive that during his lifetime he would not be as popular as after his death which is true considering his ashram is growing by leaps and bounds in Chhattarpur on prime real estate. If I don’t make it in the corporate world I’ll definitely try my hand at sermons and diktats. Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry is a Guruji whether it is a gym instructor or my long lost uncle. Maybe it needs a Bengali director portraying a Punjabi protaganist like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Vicky Donor, Khosla Ka Ghosla…Maybe I’ll succumb in my mid life crisis to the bug, maybe a bit later, just maybe.

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