Cold Shoulder

Everything is so hunky-dory but did you ever stop and wonder the times we ponder and react to rejection? This could be an all-out assault on the sensibilities by harping or philosophizing but there are several instances that I look back that got me thinking and then writing on the subject.
Cold Shoulder


In any sphere, taking no for answer results in your exalted status taking a nosedive but my primary focus is on love and career or the workplace. Never experienced “going out” even though I had a lot of friends who were girls but that did not stop me from developing feelings or puppy love or crushes. There are one of two ways through which one can approach, pun intended, this dilemma:-
1. If you are a hunk then you pass a customary glance, which is reciprocated by a smile or a gesture which encourages you to go up to her or you can treat her like music; let her grow on you every time you see her and then make the move hoping that she would reciprocate if you make the effort. At all times, respect the sacred feminine, this isn’t the Da Vinci Code you know.
2. Another method is the one that I was familiar with. Start as friends, develop feelings and then put it all out on the table. Happened a few times and I never fell for a girl without knowing her for at least six months and looks were not the only criteria.
The most dangerous qualities that a woman or a girl possesses is if she combines beauty with brains and it is not a cliche. Dad always quoted Ghalib where girls were concerned about stating,” tu nahin aur sahi(if not you then there will be someone else)” which did work because stalking, self-inflicted pain, writing letters were not options. Time’s too precious to brood and so I have realized giving a dozen interviews in the last six months.
First things first, one cannot be a vagabond going from pillar to post not knowing where one is headed so be headstrong and follow your goals with single-minded dedication and commitment. Take it as a learning curve. A recent article in the Times Of India states that in present times, a generalist can hold forth i.e someone who might not specialize in a particular field but someone who would be more attuned in being moulded a particular manner as the company deems fit. I fall under that category. A generalist can have a specialist as an opposite by catering to a niche audience in working up the future ladder. The sectors that are open to generalists are Sales, Logistics & Customer Service. I am the black sheep of the house considering everyone is accomplished in their own right. There are several times when I have been rejected which gave me the feeling that the interview was a formality and that the result was a foregone conclusion. Off course, the attire and a pleasing personality definitely go a long way in forming the first impression but don’t try to preempt the interviewer by answering on his behalf. There are no hard and fast rules to crack because the entire process is an iteration and you will get it right in the end, the law of averages guarantees that!

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