Sell Out

I have always been late in life…Completed my engineering in 7 years when it had to be four, got married at 34 when it should’ve been a couple of years earlier, left blogging for 5 years when it should’ve been a constant endeavor(more on that later) and of course earning a pittance and depending on my wife’s contribution when it should have been an independent foray. So what started as recreation has turned into a rat race cos I’ve been bitten by the commercial bug for more eyeballs. I started putting out ads for this blog to make up for lost time. This is a moral dilemma because this started out as a purely recreational or creative pursuit and then to involve transactions will raise eyebrows specially if I include names of my friends, colleagues or relatives. From now on, I will try my utmost to keep it real and not include real names so that I am not embarrassed if I refer my blog link to a well wisher.

Digital Marketing, Online business

I am spending Rs 1,500 or approx. $25 on Google Adwords which is a constant learning curve through the work environment, friends in the sector who handle accounts running into millions for the exact same purpose and Youtube. This is not much of an expenditure considering it is not a dent on the salary but it does give a high when I look at the stats relating to Future Tense and want to contribute even more in order to improve myself. The plan is to spend on a monthly basis for the next five years to compensate for the time lost by grabbing more readers and making it more interactive. I have contests in mind where you guys can get in touch if you want T-shirts as prizes. Have the T-shirt design and colour in mind and I am sure it will catch your fancy once I accomplish 10,000 readers. Close to 50% of the crowd on this site is under 35 which is a similar stat for India’s demographics as well. It is you, the reader, who inspires me to let go of my tangents and express myself and I do believe that this flair has a future.

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