Full Power

It’s that time of the year on Delhi roads when followers & devotees start on an arduous journey clad in saffron clothes carrying vessels for water or a bamboo stick decorated with Gods and religious connotations or on bikes and trucks from all across North India to gather water from river Ganga as an offering to Lord Shiva on Shivratri for spiritual & religious purposes. I met such folk who were not only walking but also organizing sheds dotted all across town under different sects and spiritual gurus.


Kanwariya, Shiva, Shivratri
Vishwa Manav Ruhani Kendra

Bhakti mein Shakti or Strength in devotion

Hindu culture has its leanings towards the troika of Gods:-
1. Brahma-The Creator
2. Vishnu- The Preserver
3. Mahesh- The Destroyer

No harm intended but Shiva is projected with different names not necessarily associated with destruction. Copious amounts of Ganja or Hashish are smoked to shouts such as “Bum Bum Bhole!”,”Jai Bhole Nath” and “Jai Shiva Shambhu”. As per my understanding “Bhola” is a simpleton but Shivaji is pictured or in stone with a Chillum attached to his hair. Even the young followers were about to smoke a joint when I interrupted them. Naga Sadhus who are considered the most devout followers of Lord Shiva are the first ones in the water during the Kumbh Mela bereft of clothing. During my drug fueled escapades I quite enjoyed the chants and spirituality associated with smoking up. Even in raves, Lord Shiva is the backdrop of many paintings and strobe lights because we are not just escaping our surroundings but a higher power keeps it in check by not going overboard. The kind of euphoria and celebration associated with Maha Shivratri can only be understood by the following example. After my marriage was solemnized during the same time last year, we went to The Leela Hotel on National Highway 148A to enjoy for the next couple of days. As soon as we entered, there was a note on the study table in the room stating that due to Kanwariyas passing through on account of Shivratri, the decibel level outside would be high and that they apologize for the inconvenience! Western fascination is for Lord Krishna, Lord Rama but for me it’s Lord Shiva hands down. Kanwariyas are devotees who undertake this journey to Haridwar either on foot or on vehicles.


The spirituality, belief transcends logic and human spirit by pushing the limits to prove a point or you hold a desire so personal that for it’s attainment, you push boundaries and it happens only in India…
Ps- No intention to hurt religious sentiments and if you are offended, I apologize( I want to be politically correct for the record)


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