Indian Accent

Eating out as a culture in Delhi has grown by leaps and bounds where people, irrespective of class or pocket make an effort to go for the quintessential Delhi snack like “Kulche Chhole” or “Gol Gappe” or fine dining restaurants that have sprung up all over town catering to different clientele under a few broad categories such as Chinese, Punjabi, Continental and South Indian. This is about a couple of years back when I weighed around 90 kgs under anti-psychotic tablets which resulted in weight gain or water retention in the body and to keep it in check, I used to limit myself to two meals a day and run for half an hour. This is not to boast of my physical exertions but the predominating thought before going to bed always centered around  virtual food through Zomato. I was intrigued by the ratings and reviews across the city and started dining out at eateries that caught my fancy. This is one such incidence about dining out at the best restaurant in town, Indian Accent.
Fine dining, The Manor
Indian Accent
Event though it is a back dated blog about dining out it still retains significance because Indian Accent has a rating of 4.9/5 on Zomato and is as popular as ever which would be proved by a search on Google. Anyways, wanted to impress my brother and sister-in-law, not to mention the company, so the four of us, cousin included ventured out one balmy evening to the restaurant in question which is situated in Friends Colony West in the luxury boutique hotel, The Manor. Be prepared to shell out upwards of 2.5k or $40 with drinks per person because this is not for the faint hearted. The restaurant has branches in London and New York as well and is under Head Chef, Manish Mehrotra. The crowd might not be familiar with the culinary king but a couch potato like me easily identified the reference because he was a winner on “Foodistan”, a cook off between Indian and Pakistani chefs on NDTV Goodtimes. It’s a different story altogether that at the end of the meal, he came by and mistook me for one of his long lost friends. Which brings me to the taste buds and the reason for writing this. The ambiance is formal, with a well mannered and friendly staff. Just for trivia, my cousin who was a student in Hotel Management informed me that even in the hotel that he was training in, as an employee, the suggestion to tourists whether domestic or international used to be that they should definitely try this restaurant. The food is something to behold  and laissez faire which is primarily fusion cuisine and I assure you that you wouldn’t come up with something similar anywhere else. Some of the dishes that we tried were Butter Chicken Kulcha, Chicken Tikka Quesadillas, Duck Khurchan Cornetto and Lamb Shank which satiated the hunger and craving but not the inquisitiveness. Presentation, temperature just right, the imagination that brought it all together, not too spicy, not too bland, something truly for the senses. In fact, after every course they served palate cleansers to start with a clean slate which was accentuated by a steady stream of alcohol. Satisfactory was the under-statement of the decade because there was a yearning to repeat it not just for a special occasions but to partake if I am tired of “Butter Chicken” and “Dal Makahani”

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