Come a long way "baby"

Exactly an year back, I got married and so much water has flown under the bridge since then. Needless to add that I had to make it special for my better half. The beginning was not quite ideal considering I was woken up by Perke(my son) at 4 in the morning and had to try my best to make him sleep. My wife was impressed looking at my efforts so she complimented me saying, “I am happy I married you” and my zonked out reply was, “It’s OK.” If it was any other day i would have been incognito but there was a lengthy clarification I had to give once I did get up. Anyways, I had meticulously planned the entire day considering she had been under house arrest since the baby’s birth. So prepared tea for starters and then headed out to the market to get fresh Sole Fish. Now the trouble with love is that you forget about yourself and start thinking about your partner and how it can be better for him/her. So we had competing plans for cooking dishes for each other but I won hands down considering I enter the kitchen once in six or seven months. Marinated & pan fried the fish and thankfully the ladies(mom included) were satisfied. Took a chance with my son considering he is only three months old to venture out in the neighborhood to a nearby bowling alley and my Missus was surprised to say the least. Men make it worthwhile for the ladies or it will literally bite you in the back. I had to handle the child while my wife played a couple of rounds.
Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Restaurant
Masala Library
The culmination to the evening was a night out under the moon with a hint of rain around the corner. Had done my homework as far as the budget and research for the restaurant was concerned. If the previous blog was about the best restaurant in town then this is the new kid on the block. Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra is the brainchild of Zorawar Kalra who in most recent times was the judge in Masterchef India Season 5. Jiggs Kalra is the Czar of Indian food critics and I recognize him from the time he was a host on Doordarshan’s Daawat, a cooking show in the early nineties before the invasion of satellite TV. He has been given the moniker of “The taste maker of India.” Zorawar is his son who is on a mission to take Indian cuisine reach global heights as the promoter of  Massive Restaurants which has several up market restaurants all across and internationally. The food marries the traditional with modern techniques like  molecular gastronomy to present an eclectic mix on offer. The occasion called for such a setting and something you should try would be the Mushroom Chai, Galauti Kebab with Sheermal and the Jalebi with Caviar. The restaurant is situated at 21A Janpath and it does not get more upscale than this. It used to be a Ferrari showroom before it got converted to a restaurant. The crowd is an interesting mix of expatriates, embassy officials and the nouveau rich with swanky cars lined up at the grand entrance. Without alcohol it would cost you around 2k per person which is reasonable if expense is not your primary concern. Considering how it has panned out with my parents, I’d much rather take an anniversary at a time but glad that my plan bore fruit and more importantly she was happy.


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