Let go

The one advantage of alcohol is that not only does it give you a high if you can keep it in control but just when it starts, you do have a tendency to let go of your inhibitions when you finish the first pint or glass depending on your capacity. So I was a bit circumspect considering it was an invitation to spend a night out with booze and starters. This time it wont be third time lucky by describing the restaurant or lounge bar in question but the feeling when you overcome your lackadaisical attitude by being someone who is more than the individual who met you in the office and come out with the alter ego with dollops of contribution from the DJ or the band.
Alcohol, no inhibitions
Let go
In my college days, I was the lead singer of two different bands namely Mary J and Surdistic and we were the opening act of our college fest Revels. The kind of music that we catered to was alternative rock with bands such as Green Day, Soundgarden, HIM, Iron Maiden etc Somehow I get the feeling that bands have always been and will continue to be to guys what franchises are to corporations. In my umpteen interviews for different profiles never did I forget to mention my falsetto as part of the brotherhood. Music by the DJ in a commercial place can be usurped by a live band and the thrill of performing with a live audience is second to none. Now I know why karaoke bars have caught the fancy in the present times because there is a bathroom singer in all of us. It was a gathering of around 30 patrons at the lounge bar where we were and after listening to songs by the DJ, a quirky band by the name of Suf Monks came over to take center stage. In the midst of chilly chicken and Indian Made Foreign Liquor, the music had taken the backseat before the arrival of the young guns. Started off as a sing along interspersed with head banging depending on what was on offer but since we were a group of eleven the requests were inevitably coming from our table which was a mix of rock, bollywood and sufi which the crowd in general were able to identify with easily. Little did I know that the performance would be overshadowed by my boss who took center stage and started belting out tracks one after the other with the full support of the band who were trying out as a start. I had to jokingly tell sir that I had finally found an alternative career for him even if he did decide to hang up his boots, he was that good considering it was an impromptu performance. In the sub continent if a creative person like a singer, dancer, actor or poet gives a rendition which is soothing then it is customary to acknowledge by offering cash by anyone in the crowd who feels so which was the case this time and my boss took it as a blessing because convention says it is good luck and should not be refused. All this happened even though the band was without a drummer who was absent without leave but it was something to cherish which I shared with my wife real time. When bars, pubs, cafes or lounges are choc-a-block, one tends to get the best of offers to get the better of competition which is why the evening came to an end after a heavy installment of  eatables and drinks for a paltry sum. Next Wednesday, Suf Monks will again perform but I will not be there, then again, the show must go on.
Lead singer, Live performance
Liam Gallagher

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