The importance of being Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Intercourse is taboo but for how long?Came up with one night stand not too long ago in the form of T-20 or Sum1 but that was a good five years back so here comes the next installment. Sex is the dominant thought if you’re a guy which does not necessarily overpower but dominates the larger landscape, pun intended. My colleague who is a decade younger than me made fun the other day when he mentioned that he wouldn’t leave the room for a month if he married on hearing about my honeymoon escapades minus the sex(Really Sahil?). Anyways, for me the most I look forward to with my wife is the companionship that she provides but the physical aspect plays a major role when we perform at least thrice a week.

We try to spice things up by getting influenced by modern phenomena like 50 shades of grey but don’t have the resources or the will to reach out that far across. To delay the inevitable particularly in my case since I suffer from pre-mature ejaculation, we have stocked up on extra delay condoms. It definitely helps by not lingering in the same pose by keeping it busy.Dirty talk is also something that gets me in the mood given the “communication skills.” So while we were doing it day before yesterday we changed positions and she got on top of me. The next 20-25 seconds were a game changer because she was so thorough that the condom came off because of the motion and to my surprise, I had to submit by saying,” You are on par with Sunny Leone” to which, she unfortunately, took offence. Now this is where the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus threshold is breached. She didn’t like it one bit because she equated the statement with a comparison to a whore.(Really baby?). Just for trivia, I use Durex and not Man Force. Now the trouble was that I had had a few drinks as well which was after ages, for the record, and according to her Sunny and booze don’t go together or that is what I thought. She was considerate enough to subdue the reaction but I eventually got to know when I got up in the morning. She said,”I didn’t like it what you said in the night” and I had to give a sheepish smile and try and justify my statement for the next ten minutes. Never knew I would have to defend porn stars to put  my wife in a better light but then these are the intricacies when you are hooked. I am old school and there was a stigma or a reluctance to indulge in pre-marital sex but that is not the case now where youngsters are a lot more open, gain more exposure and generally carry an in-your-face attitude. This is not a social commentary but times, they are a-changing. Hope to keep it steady with my missus and just in case anything happens, I will let you know.

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