A street car named desire

Which car do you wanna buy?
Ford Ikon
Around ten years back one of my best friends came up with a random question which was simple and yet something which I had no answer to. He had asked me which car was I interested in buying and I was left speechless primarily because I have been blessed to have been brought up in a household and provided every comfort including cars. Now, according to dad there is no point spending on a new car because as soon as you buy it, the value depreciates by 40% so since the early 80’s he has been dealing with pre-owned cars with our present luxuries at four. An Isuzu Gemini, a Ford Ikon, a Skoda Octavia and a Toyota Corolla which Dad bought as a parting gift when he retired from the bank. Fortunately or unfortunately I was involved in a horrific car crash when I had a Maruti Zen and it went for a total loss which in layman’s terms was entire compensation for a car involved in a crash after depreciating value over the years. I was saved by God’s grace and lived to tell the tale but that’s a different story altogether. Since I had wasted precious resources in the form of a car, I was given the keys to the Ford Ikon hoping that I wouldn’t commit the same mistake twice. Not to mention the other reason was that Isuzu can only be resold as scrap and the Ford is the cheapest but I still love it.
At the time of it’s launch, it had the fastest acceleration in it’s class before it was overtaken by a plethora of options that came beyond. It is company maintained and that means I have left no stone unturned towards it’s maintenance or spare parts by going only to an authorized service center but it has been giving me problems which even the friendly mechanic cannot decipher. I recently spent close to 4k on a music system with rear view parking assistant, USB and Bluetooth compatibility but somebody stole the antenna and now I can’t listen to the radio channels. The maximum distance that I cover in the car does not exceed 100 kms in a month which is why the battery dies every ten days and has to be recharged. The average per liter of fuel is also on the higher side which is why I want to dispose it off even though we are getting nowhere near the asking price. Recent introduction of apps like droom and cars 24 are steps in the right direction given the burgeoning car market in India. Even an Hyundai affiliate like Kia is making an entry in India by the year 2019 and have put in big plans for it’s launch according to the papers. Chevrolet recently shut it’s retail operations in the country but the general perception of the Indian market tells us that we identify with Asian  manufacturers a lot more such as Suzuki or Hyundai rather than a European(Renault-Nissan) or American such as Ford because of the  long term costs involved which is in accordance with what my Management professor shared with the class. Rather than the performance or the parameters what gets me involved are the looks and the interface provided at the wheel but till the time I can muster the courage or the cash I’ll make do with Samantha.

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