Social Farming

I wholeheartedly submit my proclivities with the individual that I am by hopefully acknowledging my antecedents and culture because this is who I am and hopefully you will see it as well. I am a Sikh(religion) first and a Punjabi later. My friends were having a discussion about us so I thought of putting it straight because this is India. Recently Pakistani serials were being shown on Zee Zindagi and Mom used to enjoy them quite a bit because she could see the similarities between the cultures so she tells me,” Son, what is the difference between us and them?”; I am like mom,”they don’t have South Indians!” Guys read between the lines, with all due respect to South Indians.

Avtar Singh Mauni, Longest turban, The Telegraph, Punjab
Avtar Singh Mauni

Anyways, partition took a heavy toll with the largest human migration ever across borders leaving an indelible mark on the sub conscious. Punjab has had a rough ride till now even though it started as the granary of India with terrorism in the 90’s, farmers selling of their land banks and more recently the drug menace that has engulfed the state bringing it national infamy. Punjabis in general are one of the most industrious and hard working people on the planet and are robust physically with Satnam Singh in recent times becoming a draft pick for an NBA franchise. The hinterland is primarily dedicated to farming excursions given the fertile soil and adequate water supply while the neo rich from Ludhiana to Patiala are slowly reaping the benefits of globalization and industrialization.

We do have our faults because of being show offs, loud mouths, thrifty but generally are one of the most gregarious amongst all our countrymen to such an extent that we swear by our friends and girls. This usually comes from the Aryan mentality having been exposed to all corners which makes us more adept at and accepting of change. There is serious caste segregation in the community which as usual resulted in divided loyalties. Osho said kind words of Sikhs and I want to take it forward with Punjabis as a whole. My superior is from Moga and has made it up the ranks because of his grit and determination clearing 8 out of 13 Internal Job Postings whom I look up to. Not to say that this generalization holds good but just my experience.

Culturally some of the heaviest drinkers are from the state and a staple with drinks has to be chicken. If you are a veg then you can opt for “Makke di roti te Sarson da Saag” to top it with Lassi. Music is big in the state with even taxi drivers cutting albums to add to their professions and resumes. Something that caught my fancy in recent times was “Let’s Nacho from Kapoor and Sons” by Dharma Productions which I would recommend.

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