institutionalized, Profession, right way, shops,
Ghetto across the road

Q: Why aren’t Indians good at football?
Ans: Because everytime we get a corner, we open a shop!

Growing up as a millennial is a constant learning curve in terms of trying to grasp, master and communicate with the latest in technology and there are times when I am at loggerheads in decision making due to the overbearing data superseding the emotional quotient. According to a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, by 2050, the urban population of the world is expected to grow by 72% and there would be a constant fight for resources would be the understatement of the century. The competition for spots in varied fields in India is so intense that a lot of the general population is business minded, whether they have the wherewithal to accomplish their goals is another matter all together. Wanted to opt for a computer course and institutes catering to such a market are dime a dozen in the vicinity so I tried to do my research and haggle to the best of my abilities. Tried a few and then some more; as they say, greed is a sin. I had almost made up my mind when just for kicks, tried one of the most shady areas of Delhi. The gentleman in question could not give out the configuration of his Operating System and on top of that was not aware of the version of MS Office. Then he had the audacity to propose that I could take a trial class and if I wasn’t satisfied then there would always be a thank you at the end. What took the cake was his disclaimer when he said,” Arre sir aapko aath saal ka tajurba hai aur aapko itna nahin aata?(What are you talking sir, you have an experience of eight years and you do not even know this)” I have been a part of customer service but never have I imagined the verbatim that I was exposed to.

Growing up in the nineties was a bit more laid back and it was almost always drilled by my parents, being the salaried class that they were, that at the end of the day I would have to be a professional, a doctor or an engineer, whether I liked it or not. Don’t have a tendency to repent or cry over spoilt milk but was always more inclined to communication and journalism rather than the sciences. There was a recent post of Denzel Washington giving a speech in a convocation and he said,”you’re doing a lot of things, but how much are you getting done?” I shudder to think as I get older if I would be able to provide the right guidance for Perke and make him realize his true potential. What I certainly don’t want is for him to become a shop keeper or business man because I do not have the resources or the guts to go down that road.

Shops are in every available space but the majority are dominated by General groceries or kirana stalls, property dealers, mobiles and education institutes. My Mom’s side is dominated by traders and this was a constant fight because I am the black sheep of the house who was not able to reach the heights that I promised growing up and everything has been handed to me on a platter. Irrespective of how rebellious I was growing up, I have finally come to terms with who I am and where my forte lies. I am secure, first time in a long time and am comfortable being me and to a large extent is thanks to my support structure that keeps me grounded and to the almighty

institutionalized, Profession, right way, shops,
Chock A Block


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