Plan On

The one thing that I am jealous of when compared to Mumbai is the fact that Delhi does not have a nightlife which is a pity considering the plethora of bars, eating joints, lounges and hotels in the city. The ideal scenario to a party would be to indulge in drinks for starters before hitting a joint or pub hopping and finally crashing for an after party. Even though its curtains by around one in the night, there is no better place to party than the Hauz Khas Village in south Delhi be it any time of the year. Not too long ago, Chris Martin gave an impromptu performance at Summer House Cafe on a Wednesday night which made it across almost all the tabloids of the city and left a sizable number of fans perplexed and heart-broken.

Party, Hauz Khas Village

It is nestled among the remnants of a 13th-century fort in pristine surroundings which also includes a lake with a generous amount of greenery as one would expect near a water body and a deer park in the vicinity. The shops, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants that have opened were all huts, to begin with, but are now packed in a concentrated assortment to give you the buzz that you crave with no shortage of options. Poets, musicians, designers, painters, students, entrepreneurs or the intellectual kind are some of the rich mixes of youngsters who throng this place and have a gala time. The only reason why one falters or might take the bait is to think of it as a gastronomic paradise which it isn’t, far from it. Stick to the booze and you won’t go back disappointed. Cafes are aplenty to just chill or while away time in the afternoon or early evening while the bars and the lights(or the lack of it) would send you into a tizzy for the night. World over, the reason why party places transcend boundaries and spread by word of mouth is that it’s not just about the joints or the place but how engaging and involved is the population in the general disposition surrounding a hang-out and HKV ticks all the right boxes.

If you have Delhi on your bucket list or sometime in the near future then some pointers never harmed anybody right. You might take this as my CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. Don’t worry, I will not browbeat about drinking and driving, up to you, but as and when you book a cab through an aggregator like Uber or Ola, don’t cancel the cab booking for a cash payment for fear of not leaving a digital footprint. Do not travel all by yourself but preferably in groups because our reputation precedes us and it is better to be safe than sorry. Mumbai very soon will have designated 24-hour zones which are carrying on the concept further of a Night mayor or nactburgemeester which was started in the year 2003 by the city of Amsterdam followed by Paris, Zurich, London and New York to promulgate the concept of ‘party all night.’ Is the AAP government listening or do I need to sit on a dharna?

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