Inside Job

When the credit crisis of 2008 took place, I had just graduated from college and I read reams and reams about it even though Finance is not one of my specializations but this movie is an interesting take because:-
1. It is a documentary
2. Voice over by Matt Damon
3. You actually understand the economics
4. Does not apportion blame to a single source or an individual
5. It is a $20 trillion scam

Inside job movie, 2008 crisis
Inside Job

If you like Michael Moore and his renditions of social activism through the audio-visual domain then it is a guarantee that you will be bowled over by Inside Job. I recently finished with a course on Data- driven decision making and this is the anti thesis of what I understood before this. No matter which part of the world we live in or which strata of society we belong to, there was nobody, who was not affected by the crisis in some form or the other. The movie looks into several facets and reasons without too many biases and is able to connect with the layman. Now that it’s almost a decade since it happened, there are plenty of deliverables that one can absorb from this but as another movie of its ilk, The Big Short, pointed out not too long ago that the financial bungling by Wall Street executives is not a one-off but a ticking time bomb. The movie is directed by Charles Fergusson and it’s definitely recommended.

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