Belle Peeps

The Context-
Just a disclaimer before I begin that this post is dedicated to my imagination, sixth sense and not my paranoia. Read between the lines or with a pinch of salt, hell! Make pickle for all I care. Anyways, I did my engineering as a B.E in Electrical and Electronics from a reputable institute but unfortunately finished with the course in seven years and not in the stipulated four which means that for the said duration I was not at my house except for celebrating the end of semesters as and when I found the time. Trouble started in 2008 when I got back with constant prying eyes of the neighbours giving credence to something amiss. Push came to a shove when the neighbour upstairs brings a hacker who is able to hack my TV. What happens when a TV is hacked. Matters were also not helped when I announced to all and sundry that I get conscious.

The Problem-
Believe me when I say this that the intended hacker can see through the TV into your living room and you wouldn’t know it unless somebody tells you or makes you aware and also take over the controls. There was something added to the whole scenario by showing me the frequency that appears on the screen by moving it according to ‘their’ whims and fancies. Reminds me of Phoebe from Friends in one of the episodes. Ok, let me give you an example, what if a person can control the alphanumeric frequency that appears during a digital transmission on the TV screen from your set-top-box by moving it around on the X-Y axis. Capiche? Edward Snowden, Lt. Manning, Julian Assange are some of the examples who have let it out but believe you me, come to India and “The Lives of Others” is another dimension worth contemplating. Prime Minister Vajpayee while in the office gave a potent example when trying to build bridges with Pakistan when he said,” You can change your enemies but not your neighbours”

The Solution-Keep watching voyeurs, need I say more?


Voyeurs, peeps, TV Hack, See through TV, Hacker
Belle Peeps


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