This is another book review by the same name by J.M Coetzee who won the Man Booker Prize in 1999 and won The Nobel Prize for literature in the year 2003. With a negative title such as Disgrace, the author stays true to the spirit by not just justifying but outshining everything in his path. The novel was a breeze while I read it but there was nothing pleasant about it. Negativity never looked so good. A welcome change, pun unintended.
Disgrace, J.M Coetzee, Book review, Dog, South Africa
Disgrace by J.M Coetzee

J.M Coetzee is one of the finest writers from South Africa with the ease of storytelling and even carrying the narration with aplomb even though there are a lot of negative connotations. The book is a stark contrast to the protagonist shifting from a respectable job to the farm with his daughter and eventually what transpires. It is also a stark reminder of racial prejudices that exist in the land and how to come to terms with it albeit fictionally. David Lurie encounters one disgraceful situation from the other and eventually enters a negative abyss but the fine line between characters whether it is his daughter or his student characterises him into his own. Dogs also play an important role during the flow as the book cover would suggest providing a dark backdrop to the narrative. Highly recommended as a next level but you forget about the feel-good factor.

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