Smoke And Mirrors

T.V  is passed since the comforts of being a couch potato can easily be enjoyed with the comforts and convenience of your house/device through streaming services on the telly using your Amazon Firestick or Google Chromecast. In a recent study of TRPs, one of the head honchos a television network in the Indian subcontext was privy to such nuances by referring to the Netflix/Prime phenomena as the “White elephant in the room”. So without further ado, this is a movie review of El Hombre De Las Mil Caras or Smoke and Mirrors in its English avatar.

Netflix, Smoke and Mirrors, Spanish Movie, English Subtitles, Spy,
Smoke And Mirrors

The plot is intriguing considering it is about a spy who is well past his sell-by date and how he manages to flummox his countrymen in one of the most daring con acts of recent times. Just don’t get carried away by the slow pace of the movie by shutting shop but try and overlook that part and you’d be a happy bunny. If I add to this then it would be a poor choice on my part because you don’t want to cry over spilt milk, do you? Recent times has seen the addition of movies which can be a part of world cinema rather than your quintessential Hollywood flick with its razzmatazz. I have pending movie reviews which are an enormous task given the sheer number I have to come up with but hopefully, this would make me more consistent in my writing and expression for my audience(41 views in the last month) which makes me stoked.

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