True Story

As far as movie reviews go, one is immediately taken aback with the ingenuity of the title itself because if ever there was a pictorial representation of the word pun then this would be it. True Story is a real-life tale a death row inmate Christian Longo and how in his trials and tribulations does his world collide with Michael Finkel, a recently fired journalist from the New York Times. I am taking a leaf out of the American Capitalist Book by commenting on Mr Longo even though he is waiting to be hanged, there has been a book and a movie on the same topic. Just for the record, the book had to be bought from the Amazon World store which made it exorbitant and a convincing No read.

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True Story


The movie has power packed performances from the main protagonists with James Franco playing the murderer and Jonah Hill playing the journalist. There is a deft interplay between the characters as Christian Longo has to own up to his crime, the shame associated with it, the sheer remorse/ realization of having committed such a deplorable sin, his history of having committed petty crimes culminating in a horrific spectacle duly taken up in the course of proceedings while  Michael Finkel hits a goldmine with “his story”, forming a weird sense of attachment getting into close proximity with a felon, trying to redeem himself of the fabrication in “another world”, trying to capitalize on the jackpot at play/ unfold right in front of his eyes. All in all, a story well told with real-world ramifications of what they went through. A story so profound that it was not just lapped up by a thirsty audience but also capitalized in every form.

Was it a dearth of content, was it the proximity that the two shared, was it Christian Longo’s redemption/ comeuppance? There is many a slip between the cup and the lip because of no matter how much I speculate or gossip or critique, the fact remains that the tangents that were carried by Michael Finkel and Christian Longo can only be redressed if you absorb the entire package(book and movie)

Ps- Should be a feast for the eyes of Mom who ODs every day on “Crime Patrol” & “Savdhan India” Much recommended Mom.

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