A Prayer Before Dawn

This is a true story of Billy Moore who is a boxer addicted to Ya Ba and how he is arrested and sent to one of the most notorious Thai prisons, Chiang Mai, and how he fights in Muay Tai tournaments to survive and eventually gain his freedom. This has also been expressed in a novel of the same name and currently, Billy is in the U.K tending to other addicts and helping them get back on track after getting a presidential pardon.

Billy Moore, Muay Tai, Chiang Mai, Prison
A Prayer Before Dawn
The story is well told and talking from personal experiences having been there and done that in terms of the drugs, more often than not, stories about the struggle for existence in the backdrop of addiction creates a compelling storyline since it shows the pits or the depths to which we can go to get our fix. Perke(my son), if you ever read this then try everything but the day you get addicted is when you lose the battle. Life in a prison and that too on foreign soil makes it hard even for the most hardened criminals given them proclivities but the film is worth a watch albeit on the slow side.

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