On My Skin

This is the incredible true story of Stefano Cucchi set in Italy where he died as a part of a spate of extra-judicial killings even though he was a suspected drug dealer. The movie is slow and unless of course, one has a soft corner for peddlers or a fondness for drugs, you like true story depiction told in Italy, my humble suggestion is to not watch it.

Stefano Cucchi, Italy, Netflix
On My Skin

The reason why I wouldn’t recommend the movie is simply that eliciting confessions by torturing is par for the course in the Indian subcontinent. For this to happen the way it did given the severity of the situation brought the topic in the national subconsciousness of the Italians who probably had more than they bargained for after Silvio Berlusconi’s escapades with prostitutes. Jokes aside, the movie tries to trace the last days of Stefano Cocchi behind the bars and the events leading him to it and there were a few times I wanted to switch off, pun intended since the true stories have their own charm and an ending to boot but unfortunately the movie was lacking on several fronts. It wasn’t worth my time but if you have to watch it then watch it on your own peril.

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