The Angel

With the power play in the middle east always on a boil which is a never-ending saga, this is a movie review of The Angel or Ashraf Marwan, an Egyptian spy who was the son-in-law of President Nasser and whose life is celebrated across Egypt and Israel. The story, if it was actually enacted the way it is in the movie is simple enough but for a man to carry the hopes of two nations in the backdrop of an impending war as well as one that had been fought quite recently in those days is truly amazing and hats off to the makers and Netflix to bring it out for the public consumption.

Ashraf Marwan, Egypt-Israel conflict, The Angel, Mossad
The Angel

The film is based on one of my favourite topics of espionage, spy games, counterintelligence and action. In today’s world no matter how much a world leader might proclaim his/her nation’s intelligence but when it comes to intelligence gathering, then Mossad is arguably the benchmark. The tagline of the movie is also pretty apt by stating,” In the shadow of war, one man fought for peace.” The performance of the actors is top notch and the actors leave no stone unturned in helping depict a true story in every sense of the term. I was also left with my share of the doubts considering if it actually happened the way it did, then there was so much riding on one man and forsworn enemies(read countries) to put everything on the line based on a man’s word is also worth pondering over.
Since this was one of my more watchable topics, I would recommend a weekend watch by leaving everything aside for a couple of hours and immerse yourself in this epic journey.

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