The only genre that Netflix falls short on is the fact that it does not cater to the sports aficionado with sport-centric films in its kitty. However, Race is an exception to the rule because it is a true story based on the life and times of Jesse or JC Owens. Wheat or Rice is the staple food in a diet and similarly, 100m is the staple of any track and field event having been brought up in a sorta-kinda generation teeming with superstars such as the indomitable Carl Lewis, the infamy of Ben Johnson, the fast Maurice Green, the faster still and superlative Usain Bolt, the 400m champ Michael Johnson to name a few. This is about the original superstar of the early part of the 20th century mired in world war two competing against Hitler’s vision of Aryan Supremacy. Not to forget the sacrifices and the hard work that Mr Owens had to put growing up to be the athlete he envisioned.

Jesse Owens, Aryan Supremacy, World War two, Munich 1936, Olympics

The movie shows the trials and tribulations that Jesse Owens has to go through earning a living and being a student eventually culminating in The Munich Olympics of 1936 with both Hitler and Jesse at the peak of their powers. The movie also delves into the social commentary of the times with racial segregation putting a blot on a champion sprinter for no fault of his but the personality of the individual takes everything in his stride and is a role model in his life for young and old alike.

I would suggest a watch considering a dearth of options and a hero worth remembering just in case you forgot about a Mr Lance Armstrong or watch the movie Icarus which shows the systematic doping prevalent in Russian sports and how they can circumvent an entire system.

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