The Wall

One of the “prime” reasons why Amazon and Netflix is a lopsided contest is because the fare on offer on Amazon Prime is limited and segregated for the geography rather than creating its own niche and The Wall is a case in point. Average, abysmal, sorry are the words I would use to describe the movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena in a blink and you miss my role, not to forget an invisible sniper with the vocal chords of Mick Jagger and an aim akin to a laser.

Amazon Prime, John Cena, US Marines, Sniper
The Wall

The story revolves around US Marines taking on an Iraqi sniper par excellence and the less said the better about the acting prowess of B-Grade Dwayne Johnson, sorry, John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Sad state of affairs is what the movie is all about considering the plot and what it could have been akin to Phonebooth starring Colin Farrell. Shoddy work throughout and before I can muster more adjectives, I’d like to rest my case. Never again. Period.

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