Hyena Road

This is a movie review of Hyena Road which I saw on Amazon Prime and trust me, it is nothing to write home, pun intended. It is a Canadian war movie about forces on the ground trying to stage reconstruction works in war-torn, read Kandahar, Afghanistan with an interplay of characters from the armed forces and how it all pans out. No way am I trying to disrespect the Canadian narrative but the US box office collection according to IMDB is an abysmal $1,430. Yes, you read that right. I mean, I saw the movie a month back and how hard could it be to write something about it, correct?

Amazon Prime, Canadian War Movie
Hyena Road

Indian readers would do well to remember that Kandahar is the same godforsaken place where the hijacked IC-814 was taken to in 1999 and in exchange of the safety of the passengers, we had to let go three of the most dreaded terrorists who are creating “noise” till today.

You have a romantic subplot between a sniper and an officer, there is a dire situation where the combatants have to take refuge in a village wherein they are saved by an Afghan legend, pun intended, intelligence officer wants to meet the legend, kidnapping of local girls, a fatality, get the drift? For me, it was more of a jamboree since it did not have the usual chutzpah of a Hollywood propaganda flick. Pardon my perspective, no intention to be demeaning. Watch it, if only you have to.

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