Ex Machina

Masterpiece, a work of art is how I would describe Ex Machina as a film because Alex Garland would not be able to outdo himself with what he has offered through this. Science fiction as a genre is something that I prefer to stay away from as a matter of choice but I would definitely recommend Ex Machina because it is a must watch.

Alicia Vikander, Alex Garland, Oscar Isaac, AI, Trivia
Ex Machina

The story revolves around Caleb played by Domhnall Gleeson who wins a competition and is selected to go to a retreat in order to participate in an intriguing experiment about a humanoid robot functioning on AI through his CEO. The nuances in the film have been expertly handled and the contrast in terms of the characters and the locales is mesmerising. Alicia Vikander nails the portrayal of the humanoid as is convincing in the character.

Such instances as depicted in the movie may not be too far-fetched or might just begin to happen in the not too distant future given the world that we are living in. I’d like to leave you with some interesting trivia about AI or Artificial Intelligence.
The primary protagonists in the AI race are Elon Musk, the embattled head of Tesla and SpaceX who believes that AI like every form of technology should be regulated as it has been since humans started mass production from cars, movies etc. On the other hand, we have Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook who believes that AI should not be regulated given that his chat bots based on AI are regulating what we interact on it. Now, Facebook had to shut their AI chatbots because they started conversing in a language that humans could not understand and there lies the conundrum.

Similarly, the movie raises pertinent points which make you ponder and you linger on the subject long after the movie has finished.

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