Red Sparrow

After overdosing on Netflix and Amazon Prime rather not really finding a flick which I wanted to see, I finally opened my YouTube movie account by paying for Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Irons. The film is about a ballerina Dominika who is recruited into “Sparrow School”, a Russian Intelligence facility where recruits are trained in the art of seduction and how to use their bodies. Dominica on her first assignment is sent to target an FBI agent and how the security of the two nations is compromised by their actions. Going by IMDB estimates, the box office collection for the movie was a flop in the US but more than made up for it with its worldwide gross.

Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, YouTube movie
Red Sparrow

Any movie that delves into spy, espionage genre is something that does not require an invitation and not to mention a certain Jennifer Lawrence in the guise of a spy trained as a “player” is compelling viewing. The movie is based on a book by Jason Matthews and for me, it was a one time watch going by the star cast alone. Since my wife and kid have gone out of town for a few days, Alicia Vikander in Ex machina and now Jennifer Lawrence give me a renewed belief in girl-power without sounding sexist.

2 thoughts on “Red Sparrow

  1. I really wanted a sequel to this movie. Admittedly wasn’t a big fan of the movie. Wasn’t terrible but just real slow. The books however are great! And why I wanted them to continue the franchise. That seems unlikely at this point =(

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