The Gambler

Jim Bennett is your atypical gambler who is a literature professor by day who raises a debt with his mom and a loan shark to feed his gambling cravings and risks it all. He is also in a relationship with one of his students so what does happen in the movie? Does our protagonist played by the intense Mark Wahlberg able to save the day? Does his relationship with his student played by Brie Larson reach a happy ending? Is Jim able to reconcile with his mother? What are the dynamics of the loan shark? All this and much more from one of my favourite actors who was also the highest paid in 2017 comes a movie by the writer, William Monahan, who gave us The Departed, Body of Lies and other films of note. The tagline is also catchy by stating,” the only way out is all in.”

Mark Wahlberg, Brie Larson, Jim Bennett, William Monahan, John Goodman
The Gambler

Jim Bennett is his own worst enemy because of his gambling addiction which leads to a tumultuous personal and professional outlook and herein lies the genius behind the character because it is Mr Wahlberg who lends a credibility and a class coupled with his brooding good looks that make this movie engaging and worth a watch. This was an offering by Netflix and IMDB gives it a rating of six though it deserves more according to me.

The Gambler is a remake of the 1974 original of the same name and has some eye-catching performances by the lead actors including Jessica Lange as the distressed mother and John Goodman’s convincing portrayal of a loan shark who takes an affinity for Jim. The movie has enough in it to keep you engrossed and is your quintessential Hollywood flick to be enjoyed without applying too many tangents.

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