Deadpool 2

One of the more recently released movies that I got to watch courtesy YouTube movies and my bucks were well spent or in other words, the movie was well worth it. Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as the protagonist Deadpool or Wade Wilson with his humour intact which is what got the movie going in the first place. It has a lot more chutzpah, razzmatazz and overall effect since it brings together an ensemble cast of Marvel Comic characters and is contrary to the notion that sequels seldom live up to their predecessors.

Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Marvel Comics, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Deadpool
Deadpool 2

The cast is well supported by accomplished actors considering in a superhero movie there isn’t much to do in a movie than look good with the CGI(Computer Generated Imagery) but a shout out goes to Josh Brolin who plays a future cyborg Cable who tries to stop a budding mutant FireFist played by Julian Denisson from creating mayhem, of course, with the help of Deadpool who assembles a ragtag team of players in order to achieve their objective.
One of the few movies that impressed me the first time primarily because of the superhero’s nonchalance and foul-mouthed commentary with humour and I wasn’t disappointed a second time around.

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