The Remains of the Day

Its been a long time since I read anything of note so I tried my hand with an author who I had liked previously but came to love the second time around with an offering of The Remains Of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro who is a winner of the Noble Prize for literature and the novel has also been adapted to a movie of the same name starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

Kazuo Ishigoro, Nobel prize for literature, Booker Prize Winner, Stevens, The Butler, Miss Kenton, Lord Darlington
The Remains of the Day

The book is beautifully written and is the story of Stevens, the butler who undertakes a journey to rehire a past employee and how he reminisces about a master, Lord Darlington, who he served for 30 years and his interactions with Miss Kenton. The nuances that an author can capture of a bygone era and put it across succinctly for a reader to identify defines his authority and his reach and Kazuo Ishiguro is second to none in that respect.

He has also written Never Let Me Go but I’d like to go so far as to type that The Remains of the Day is arguably his best work and would highly recommend it.

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