Beasts of No Nation

This is a movie that comes highly recommended by the house of Netflix but I can see why it bombed at the box office even though it had the star power of a certain Idris Elba who might just end up being the first black bond if the rumour mills are to be believed or if you go by his tweet in the recent past. Anyways, the movie has a high rating on IMDB but one cannot find Mr Elba in the credits which do seem strange because I know when I see him and he was definitely a part of Beasts Of No Nation. The story is about a child soldier, Agu and the horrors that are brought about in a fictitious African country employing child soldiers on both sides of the divide.

Agu, Netflix, Idris Elba, Drama, War
Beasts Of No Nation

The movie could do with a few twists and turns to make it more engrossing. However, to harp on the atrocities on a boy hardly in his teens does not always make for compelling viewing. This is an in house production by Netflix and even though the fare that they have churned out till now can best be described as mediocre, I am pretty sure given their millions that they would eventually get better at it.

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