Doctor Strange

In the competition between Marvel and DC, I think Marvel is streets ahead but just before you make up your mind or are influenced by mine then think again because of Doctor Strange is a complete waste of time as movie watching experience and even the star power of a certain Benedict Cumberbatch cannot save it from sinking. The movie. though. is highly rated on IMDB.

Marvel, Benedict Cumberbatch, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Netflix
Doctor Strange

The story revolves around a certain Dr Stephen Strange who has a horrific car accident which is in complete contrast to his existence where he was renowned for his handiwork on patients. On a journey of physical and spiritual healing, he needs to ignore his wit and ego and try and imbibe the reality beyond his known source of existence and take a call on the betterment of humanity. I never followed the comic character and was drawn more towards the Marvel cinematic experience rather than anything else but sad to admit that disappointed would be the understatement of the decade. Watch it only if you have to.

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