The Walk

This is a movie review of The Walk which is a real life story of Philippe Petit, a Frenchman, who walked a tight rope between the World Trade Centre Towers in 1974 which was a unique feat at the time and would remain so for an eternity considering 9/11. The movie has a decent rating on IMDB and is well supported with the cast starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead role ably supported by Ben Kingsley and directed by an astute Robert Zemeckis who has given a few other memorable offerings.

Philippe Petit, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, Robert Zemeckis, Biography, Adventure
The Walk

The movie is all about the trial and tribulations of one man, Monsieur Petit who has the single-minded devotion to walk the talk and duly inspired by his mentor, Papa Rudy, has the wherewithal to overcome the trials and tribulations such as a rag-tag crew, “finding his feet” in a foreign land, last-minute glitches, logistics hurdles etc. The movie captures the imagination and the brevity of the one man who made it possible all these years back and who might just give Cirque Du Soleil a run for their money.

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