Molly’s Game

I, Tonya, Roma, Molly’s Game, Tomb Raider, Ex Machina are some of the movies that I have watched in recent times or am going to watch in the near future and the one common thread among all is that these are woman-centric movies with the protagonist being the fairer sex and I am all for it cos they have all been worthwhile till now. Molly’s Game is a true-life story of Molly Bloom who was an Olympic Class skier who eventually ran the world’s most exclusive high stakes poker game for celebrities across fields and who became an FBI target unwittingly because of her proximity to the Russian Mob.

Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Aaron Sorkin, Molly Bloom, Biography, Crime , Drama
Molly’s Game

The direction is slick by Aaron Sorkin who wouldn’t have had the most difficult task considering Molly is still alive and if that wasn’t enough then she had also written a book before the movie to fall back on. The movie is a cine goer’s delight with an all-star cast consisting of Jessica Chastain as the irrepressible protagonist who delivers a performance with a lot of promise of equally good things to come and panache. She is ably supported by her fictitious lawyer Idris Elba and her father Kevin Costner with whom Molly delivers the scene of the movie for me when she has a candid three-minute session with her father all guns blazing in the emotional context.

True stories or biographies have a certain resonance since they are easy to identify with and packed with a lot of realism which is why I thoroughly enjoyed it and in the same vein would recommend all and sundry to follow suit on a story that needs to be told and heard around the world given what Molly Bloom has achieved until now.

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