If ever there was a Netflix swansong for me then Roma is the answer because it is highly recommended from my side since it is the well-told story in the life of a maid in Mexico during the 1970s. The movie has garnered ten nominations for the Oscars and is heavily favoured to win and I for one, wouldn’t be too surprised since Alfonso Cuaron has delivered a masterpiece which is in tune as much with its simplicity as much as its narration against the backdrop of the Mexican state going through some turmoil.

Alfonso Cuaron, Yalitza Aparicio, Cleo, Netflix, Oscar Nomination, Drama

The story’s protagonist is Cleo, played by the irreplaceable Yalitza Aparicio, who is a maid in a middle-class household and is a multi-tasker to the core by handling the kids, listening to orders in the house, cooking, washing, cleaning and eventually taking time out to date.

Roma is a well-told story and is in complete black and white which appeals to the senses given the backdrop in which it has been shot. Alfonso Cuaron, given his penchant to lead from the front and deliver cinema extraordinaire, has directed Roma after Gravity in 2013 and is a front-runner for the Oscars.

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