For or Against

This is a formulation of an opinion cum review after watching Vice starring Christian Bale as the biographical/ drama of the life of Dick Cheney who as the Vice President of the United States wielded immense power and whose decisions have made a lasting impact on not just Americans but world polity as a whole considering the sheer depths to which the politicians can go to for their clamour for power. The movie was enjoyable with an equal dosage of funny as well as serious moments and had Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell as the supporting cast.

Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Parliament

Given that the present incumbents, the BJP, are the ruling party and enjoyed a simple majority during their term, I hadn’t been able to decide for a long time whether I would want to vote them to power again since there is a lot of criticism that I can associate with them along with some positive changes that have come about in their time as the government.

A simple majority has allowed the BJP to gain a foothold across the landscape and drive home their agenda of a government which is forthright in its approach to work for the benefit of the people but there is not much that I can look back and count as achievements for it if I try and equate it rationally. There has been all round improvement in the sporting sphere with impetus from the government and I’d like to give compliments where it’s due because it is not just cricket but other sports that are getting a share of the limelight.

This is a critique of the government because Prime Minister Modi came to power by proclaiming that each individual in the country would be richer by Rs 15 lakh if they were able to bring back the black money that has been hoarded in offshore accounts by businessmen of dubious distinction. However, in Modi’s time, fugitives such as Mallya ran away with more than Rs 7,000 Cr or Nirav Modi who stole more than 14.000 Cr and was allowed to run away in broad daylight by committing the most audacious robbery in banks or Lalit Modi who had a sprawling empire but is taking refuge in an undisclosed country by duping the exchequer and still managing to have close relations with the ruling elite.

Demonetisation was uncalled for exercise and an abysmal failure and I also wrote about it earlier and so is the tax for all ie the GST because having talked to people on the ground, I have come to the conclusion that GST is still not clear in the public eye and is going through teething troubles. The combative form that the BJP has taken as the sole proprietors or guardians of the faith also belittles the office when even the Prime Minister becomes partisan by ignoring the minorities, Even God can’t save the nation when a cow can have ‘standing’ and reverence and not a woman in comparison.

This is what got me thinking since I can draw parallels between the Republicans in The US and a right-wing government at the helm in India. The fact of the matter is that the BJP is a reflection of the Congress and they are worse in their state of affairs and even though the Lok Sabha Election in 2019 may not be a foregone conclusion, I definitely have a clarity of thought which would help me decide who to vote for in the Parliament Elections.


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