Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is an original by The Beatles and Haruki Murakami while writing the book wasn’t shy enough to admit and I wouldn’t mind placing him in the great pantheons of Japanese writers such as Kazuo Ishiguro, Kenzaburo Oe etc with the ease of writing, the languid pace with which he builds a crescendo of qualities of the characters, the contemporary backdrop that he provides which is hard to miss and even easier to identify with. Norwegian Wood is a timeless classic which I would recommend to the next generation or my son to better understand teenage angst, the rebellious college streak, the fight with loneliness and the unfortunate circumstances wherein one is unlucky to lose out on his/her fixation, crush, love. It is simply put, a narration of a love triangle which is seamless and bountiful in its horizons where life is all about possibilities without a care in the world as long as you can be with the one whom you love, inclusive of the emotional and physical traits.

Haruki Murakami, Kazuo Ishigoro, Kenzaburo Oe, Toru Watanabe, Naoko, Reiko, Midori
Norwegian Wood

The story revolves around Toru Watanabe who is friends with Naoko but she is going out with their best friend who meets an untimely demise and Murakami dwells into their contrasting longing for the things in life amongst the opposite ends of the spectrum. Toru finds redemption in Maori who breathes life into his college life with zest and chutzpah while Naoko falls into an abyss and finds solace in her mate Reiko while all are against the Tokyo existential loop of hope.

The reference to The Beatles is pronounced and so is the ready narrative and lucid description of the characters who blend into one another with an amalgamation of points of note all across the story.

Before I fall short in my effusive praise or the number of reasons why you should read it, I suggest you do.

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