You don’t have to be Einstein to guess this is a review or better still, a tribute to the Joker which in recent times has been a path breaker for DC Comics as a “villain” outshining several heroes in the midst. Certainly, when it comes to box-office returns. Movies are a part of me as much as sugar is a part of tea and this was an exception since I watched it in a hall with a handful of people for company by starting early from office at around 10 in the night and watching it at 11 near my house. Not to mention, I could have streamed it, downloaded it or watched a DVD in case I had the option but the movie had the right kind of buzz for me to follow suit.


With a star cast that includes Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro in the same frame would in itself be meat but that is just the starters to hook you in. Arthur Fleck is a guy with mental problems in Gotham City who is mistreated and disrespected by the society at large when he is trying to make a living the hard way. The easy way is another story altogether for another time though. This is when there is a resurgence of sorts by Arthur in a downward spiral replete with crime and anarchy which makes him come to terms with his alter-ego, Joker which could be an extension of him playing the part of a stand up comic during struggles in Gotham city.

Incredible storytelling by Todd Phillips and negativity never felt so good. Nominated for 11 Oscars and reminiscent of a couple of lines from Counting Stars by One Republic which states,

“I, feel something so right,                                                                                                            Doing the wrong thing
I, feel something so wrong
But doing the right thing”



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