Uncut Gems

This is a movie review by the same name and the plot really isn’t rocket science when you have the protagonist as a hustler, gambler and jeweler in the same sentence. Rest assured, the movie is an interplay of characters slowly but surely building up to a crescendo and before I let out the ending, I would rather you watch it.

Uncut Gems
Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler is Howard Ratner, a Jewish Jeweler in New York who hustles and gets deep in debt and has to continuously raise the stakes by betting desperately at times. Julia Fox as his employee and keep also plays the part but the coup de grace is having Kevin Garnett and the Weeknd as a part of the film to give it more relevance to the story and the hustling. Safdie brothers as the directors are given ample leeway to express but somehow the anxiety and stress are missing from the story.

This movie automatically reminded me of The Gambler given the similarities in the storyline and the portrayal when push comes to shove. Uncut Gems could have a lot more chutzpa as the narrative could have been more. Don’t take my word for it.

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