This is a review of an HBO mini series of the same name even though I watched it towards the end of 2019 after reading an innocuous looking article in the Times Of India where one of the Instragram Influencers posed for a snap in the ghost town of Pripyat in a bikini and tattooed arm and the waist down still being covered with a radiation suit which I thought was the biggest irony of all.

April 26th, 1986, Biggest man-made disaster, Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, Instagram Influencers, Pripyat, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

April 26th, 1986 was a terrible day for mankind since one of the biggest man-made disasters happened when a safety test went wrong in Chernobyl in the erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. A decree by Kremlin in 1988 forbade doctors from declaring any radiation related deaths but the fact of the matter is that an entire city was evacuated and thousands perished.

Forget about the great acting, the “real” picturization, the accident and its repercussions, the taut script, the high rating on IMDB, forget all that. The reason what got my attention is that I read about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster as a part of my history book with the fatalities being in the 30s according to official figures in the 1990s . Remember that wasn’t the time of the internet boom and information coming from the Soviet Union wasn’t exactly forthcoming to the world at large with tight government control with a completely unbiased approach to typing this. Even today, not much comes out of Russia anyway, I am talking scandals and scams except for the doping scandal of Russian athletes who have been barred from the Olympics.

I found it so impressive that I am making my mom watch it today. Hopefully, this is a lot different from her daily staple and she will enjoy it.

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