To hee hee or not to be

This blog is because I read somewhere that the reader had to write a blog on a joke or the last time the reader had a hearty laugh so here goes.

Alex or yours truly is the best of friends with Vincent and boys will be boys. We discuss football, sports in general, booze, banter, verbal bashing and anything under the sun. We basically get along like a house on fire. We were talking on the phone day before and discussing the lockdown when I had to come up with the verbal bashing of Chris which is something that I and Vincent enjoy to the hilt because Chris is our punching bag.

For the record, all three of us were colleagues not too long ago. Vincent and I, without sounding pompous, have been blessed with the gift of the gab while Chris is as well though his vocabulary is limited, to say the least. The following incident is a testament to it.

Chris gave me a message on WhatsApp to check the recommendation on LinkedIn. Now, I had told him at least a month back to write a recommendation for me since I had written for him hoping he would reciprocate which is why I thought to myself,”a long time coming”

But as luck would have it, there was no recommendation on LinkedIn for me so I reverted. He said, “you Baldy, check out a recommendation for me on my account” in chaste Hindi. This recommendation had come from Chris’s reporting manager John to whom Chris used to report to not too long ago. John is a well-read, knowledgeable professional and a Caucasian to boot. No harm intended, I am not a racist. So Chris wanted me to review John’s LinkedIn recommendation to find out if it sounds right. Get the joke? I have to one up on a native speaker and a reporting manager to boot even if I’m bilingual and Chris can’t decipher the message.

Vincent and I laughed our socks off and this isn’t a one-off when it comes to Chris and his shenanigans. Nice to recollect the story twice in 48 hours albeit in different modes. Hope you enjoyed it.

Alex, Chris, Vincent,  #Recommendation, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Discover Prompts, Old Delhi, #Banter, #Blog, #Blogging
Alex, Chris, Vincent, Recommendation, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Discover Prompts, Old Delhi

#blogging #blogging-community 

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