Deep yearning curve

If ever, I had thought about where I would’ve been five years back, I couldn’t have pictured it better for myself during the present day. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Discover Prompts for giving me a platform to elucidate. Bear with me.

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Circa 2015, I used to run a company that dealt with a software called FutureLadder that was built from scratch. Right from the research and development, programming, testing, sales and marketing, support, after-sales, the whole nine yards. I was helped by my family in this regard but I alone looked after or nurtured the Sales and Marketing domain and travelled to distant lands within and outside India. We even invested a tidy sum to buy and work out of an office in the vicinity. I had my fair share of trials and tribulations simultaneously at getting hitched as well. As luck would have it, I had an arranged marriage in 2016 with a lady who was educated and accomplished in her field since I was too selfish or circumstances dictated that I would not go out with a girl, not that I repent it. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the business wasn’t feasible in the long run and I had to shut shop and look for “greener pastures” which took me to a call centre as a technical support executive burning the midnight oil, pun intended. This was a difficult time or a conundrum of sorts because I couldn’t have been idle at home and neither was I getting another job.

Life is a sinusoidal curve with its fair share of crests and troughs and I was blessed with a boy in the meantime. I wish I could be more emphatic, named him Perke which means “Devoted to God” in Hebrew. To bide my time and not take Convergys, the call centre, as a finale, I was also giving interviews at different companies with a few close calls anyways when I finally landed in my present job in 2017.

I can look back at these five years gone by and safely say that these years have meant more to me and been more fulfilling than what I have experienced prior. Perke’s grandparents who live right next door have been spoiling him silly and have given me the best of comforts, conveniences and amenities to build on such as a house, cars etc. I am currently an EA(Executive Assistant) to the Managing Partner and I’d like to add that it has been so far so good and God has been kind.

Recently, I read a blog by Chris Nicholas, The Renegade Press, and he had written something which was lucid and erudite about his father. I am not too far off and this is a reality that is a constant reminder of the full “circle of life” or life and death. My mom and dad are 62 and 71 respectively and in terms of active lifestyles, my father wins hands down. He is an inspiration but I shall always remain a “momma’s boy”. A lot of people I know are immigrating but the only reason I’m holding back is because of my parents. Sure, I want the best for my son and this is where it gets enticing. I just hope and pray that I am able to give company to my parents as long as I am capable of. They haven’t yearned for much in the curve of life, only provided me till this present day and my endeavour would be to not disappoint.

My son is about to go to school shortly and that is a new headache. If the only thing that I could pass onto my son would be to give him a good education that will remain with him forever. The pandemic i.e Corona Virus has brought the world to a standstill and I read somewhere today that unemployment has risen more than threefold at 30% in urban India. This tells me that the future is fickle and there might be a lot of churn in the market, job losses and cost-cutting is a reality which nobody can hide from. In fact the last few days, I have been part of official meetings while working from home which was about expense optimization in US and India.

Since I am not a post-graduate, I have to at some point, add to my skill set as well, go for scaling my teeth every six months, buy a car in an year’s time, go for annual vacations with the family and keep looking for utopia while I still can. It’s a deep yearning curve.

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