Lie low, keep it slow

This is a diary entry come fact check. WordPress through Discover Prompts has been dishing out topics that would encourage readers and bloggers to express themselves and I am no different. I used to churn out a couple of blogs very week by typing on weekends when I had nothing to binge on, yes, nothing to binge on and could not partake cerebral activities like reading even though I’ve been trying to build a reading collection for my son.

Discover Prompts, Sales cycle, Slow, my current job,

When I was new in my current job, my reporting manager tried explaining the Sales cycle to me and just so you know that we were talking about the higher-education sector where deals materialize at a snail’s pace. He wanted to explain to me that the deals take a long time to come and he was falling short of comparisons when it came to describing higher-ed deals with another sector. So, he asked me can you think of any other sector where it is THIS slow to which I immediately replied with farming?

That was my initiation and I didn’t know what was in store for me which is pretty similar to my blogging escapades as well. I spend a bomb on my WordPress account including my domain name and yet I write blogs only on weekends time permitting, about two per week, neither here nor there. I have to increase my frequency of writing blogs lest I let go of my job AND the topics to write on. Tsk tsk

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