Blessing In Guise

First and foremost, I need to give credit where it’s due to Discover Prompts for churning up random and thoughtful topics over the entire month of April by giving “grateful” as a finale. This gives me time to contemplate the time spent so far during the lockdown and putting it in a higher perspective rather than see it ONLY for what it’s worth. When the word grateful comes to mind, it is about God, parents, family and earth in that order.

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The Himalayas

Even while working from home, there was an emphasis in the office towards spirituality and prayers with evening chants being conducted every day for half an hour which was about Buddhist chanting(Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) for five minutes followed by Aum chanting for five minutes, then by humming for five minutes and five minutes of silent prayer followed by verbal contributions by the participants. This culminated with the World Earth Day on 4/22 which was also the 50th year celebrations for the event which started in 1970. I organized a Facebook live event for it looking at how it was being celebrated on a grand scale on WordPress itself with a continuous live stream for 72 hours and this was a reiteration of personal and professional pursuits as well.

Took inspiration from Mom because she contributed first towards Oxfam(an organization that tries to end discrimination of very kind. Oxfam is helping the migrants all across India who have been displaced and left stranded) and Punjab Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. I took a cue from her book and replicated decent contributions of my own which I was capable of. With cost-cutting, layoffs and the aftermath of COVID-19 putting strains and my job looking like it could be on the line rather than online, I am fearing for the worst.

There HAS been a silver lining in this whole saga with River Dolphins being spotted in the Ganges in Meerut, the Himalayas being seen in the clear from Saharanpur which didn’t happen in the last 40 years and pristine blue skies to gawk at forever. Pollution levels are at an all-time low and we as humans are finally appreciating our surroundings the way it should be. I am GRATEFUL for the comforts and conveniences and pray that we remain unscathed in the long run. My best wishes to the ones who have suffered.

Do leave your comments on what you think or you did for the environment/earth.


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