Johnnie Talker

If Diamonds are a woman’s best friend then alcohol would be ditto for a man or close enough without sounding chauvinistic.

Yesterday, the Indian government decided that the lock down restrictions would be eased and more importantly, paan(betel leaf) and alcohol shops would be open for the public provided social distancing norms were adhered to.

This brings me to the reason why I am typing this, I acknowledge Discover Prompts who gave the topic on Day 26 as “hidden” and more importantly why my dad would always be one-up on me.

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This happened a couple of weeks ago when Chris gave me a call and wanted booze or alcohol because I am the only one in his friend circle who’s got it stacked to the brim. I AM NOT BOASTING.

I’ve always had the best of alcohol hidden away in every possible nook and corner of the house since 2010 after my brother started traveling abroad frequently and dad wanted to get and store alcohol so that it could be utilized at both our weddings eventually.

It’s a different story altogether that me and my brother got married but the alcohol was NOT UTILIZED and it’s been with me ever since as I am a social drinker.

Chris gave me a distress call and with the restrictions in place took the risk of coming over on a weekday while I was working from home. He took two bottles from me, Teacher’s Highland Cream whisky and Smirnoff Vodka which I clandestinely took out from my cupboard while my wife and kid were asleep and my dad didn’t know.

I asked Chris a couple of days later, “how was the get together with the friends and was the alcohol enough for four people?” which is when he hit me with the truth.

He said that the HIGH that they were after was accomplished because they mixed hash Hookah and the whisky but he was disappointed with the whisky since it smelt of naphthalene balls!

Dad outdid my effort a week back when an acquaintance asked him for alcohol and dad gave him four pints of Kingfisher Strong beer which I hadn’t touched since my wedding in 2016 and which were bereft of the fizz and had gone stale.

What I fail to understand is why Dad left two pints behind and for what occasion?

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