To believe or not to leave

Today is my last day on earth and before you jump to any conclusions, this is also the topic of my blog and let’s see what I would have done had I known that I had just 24 hours left before I die.

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Remember how people have bucket lists and in addition how the younger generation is better/faster to it compared to their elders so here goes.

If I were to spend my last day then first and foremost, I would bequeath all that I own in terms of the movables and immovable to my wife and son without batting an eyelid.

I would also be disappointed that usually, it is the son that lights the funeral pyre of his father but in my case, it would be the other way around.

One thing I am dying to do is to rip a Ford Mustang which is what I would really do if I was short on time and go for a spin. Can’t afford it, might as well rent it like there’s no tomorrow.

Then, I would go to JW Marriott in Aerocity and book the Presidential Suite and order a Pastrami sandwich which would take care of the calories for the day. Eating is a compulsion for me or more like I eat to live.

This would be followed by a place which has Bungee Jumping on offer to get it out of the way and then get back to die in opulence next to my immediate family by telling them that I experienced everything with them and they are the ones that complete me as an individual hoping that I didn’t disappoint them in my different roles.

Treat this as a straight line on an ECG(Electrocardiogram) to signal the death of the writer*SOB*

But what you could do like a good samaritan is that you could treat it as my last installment for the time being and spend a little more time to get to know all that was there before this in my blogs. Won’t you now?

9 thoughts on “To believe or not to leave

  1. We really need to think : what is it that i would do if it was my last day on earth. Having done that; we should do that thing everyday as we don’t really know which is our last day πŸ˜‡

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  2. This is a neat idea. It seems like you would spend your last day well, especially the family part and food πŸ™‚ . It’s hard to think of what I’d do. I think I would spend it with my closest friends, fiance and family and most likely be in nature swimming. The place would be worlds end state park. I’ve been going there with my family since I was a baby. We have the best memories there. We camped and swam in the creek, had camp fires, and slept in tents. It’s amazing there at night. The days are like normal summer days but the nights are always cool- perfect sleeping weather. I would wake up feeling refreshed and walk around the camp sites seeing all kinds of wildlife. It’s so peaceful. Just writing about it is making me happy, honestly. As for food, that’s at the same place. It’s a restaurant called forksville inne. They have really delicious wings, the best. I enjoyed this post.


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