Harried and almost married

My marriage took place in 2016 and I have a son as well but I want to look back to my courtship days and recount an incident which was the surprise of my life till date. Hope I can top it sometime in the future.

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

This is about Sarita Bahga, the girl, the prospective bride I met through dad who had a matrimonial app for arranged marriages called JeevanSaathi.com. Dad received a call from Sarita’s father and in no time did we start talking.

She told me that she belonged to Lucknow which is a town in Uttar Pradesh in North India and she was employed as a Manager in a top private bank after she scored a 99.7 percentile in her CAT exams and did her MBA from NMIMS from Mumbai which is the equivalent of saying that she maxed the GMAT and got through Howard or Oxford in India.

She came down from Mumbai where she was working for an evening and we went for snacks at a hep mall for sushi when she called me a show-off because I was trying to teach her how to hold chopsticks. Pleasant evening with light banter and I promised to reciprocate sometime soon.

This is when we really hit it off on the phone and were inseparable with our relevant and friendly banter. I always associated intelligence with her and it was overbearing to come across someone who had done something that I could only dream to aspire being a realist rather than undermine myself. She said that people find her cute which is something I completely missed out on though I gradually accepted that as well.

She went to Goa with her friends and she did what everybody in Goa does or every tourist does and that is to get drunk. In her stupor, she tells me that she wants to marry me on the phone. I didn’t want to count chickens before they hatched but I was quietly confident that we were headed in the right direction.

This time, it was my turn to go out of the station on a religious stopover and on one particular occasion that lasted close to six hours, we communicated only through emojis on the phone.

She met me a second time at a plush hang out spot on the outskirts of Delhi and I thought this was it. Had snacks, hung around the place when she said that it would have to be a third visit where I would have to make the effort of coming down to Mumbai.

The respective parents were having a gala time exchanging WhatsApp forwards and there was an air of expectancy when I landed in Mumbai. All this while she told me to guess why she wasn’t sure about the D-Day. What was the question that was holding her back and I couldn’t guess it?

Mumbai was about a meal and shopping for my mom through Sarita when she told me that she would relay the decision on the phone when I was back. She told me that she was calling it off because I was different on the phone and in-person in terms of the vibe and the banter. Really?

Guess she gave me a good topic to type on. With all due respect, I hope that Sarita also found her knight in shining armour in due course and I don’t repent what she said to call it off. Let go!

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